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Capped rate mortgages certainly look like the perfect homeloans. Pick one and even if interest rates go through the roof you know yours can never rise above a pre-agreed limit. But if rates fall then your payments should go right down with them. Could there be a better deal than this?
Fans of capped mortgages say the deals are impossible to beat. But surveys show very few borrowers know much about them – and they tend to be far less popular than fixes, discounts or even tracker alternatives.
This independently researched and written website is designed to bring capped rate deals into the mainstream. It will cover all the loans’ key advantages – and all their potential pitfalls. Read it and you’ll be able to work out if a capped deal is right for you.

Neil Simpson is a former Personal Finance Journalist of the Year and writes regularly on property, mortgage and insurance issues for the Mail on Sunday, City AM and many other publications.